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House for sale Vendee
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vendee property for sale back garden

Vendee holiday home for sale: images of the property  

The garden is one of the most rewarding parts of the property. You can sit on the patio under the shade and chat, drink a glass of wine, or share a pot of tea whilst time passes slowly around you as you relax and unwind. If you prefer, you can spend a fascinating hour or two just watching the butterflies and birds enjoy the garden as much as you do. And, in the summer, you can pick plums, pears and figs from the trees in the garden.


The wildflower patch

wildflower patch in the backgarden of the property

The wildflower patch attracts an astonishing range of butterflies from April through to October.


The red squirrel

Red squirrel in the walnut tree at the back of the property

The red squirrel loves the walnut tree at the back of the property, and does a great job of tidying up the lawn in autumn when the walnuts start to fall.